What's included in the Toolkit?

  • Suggested sales software, processes and pricing to simplify selling strategy services.

  • Marketing materials, including suggested copy and brochure pages for strategies.

  • Ready-to-rebrand lead magnets to capture client emails to nurture to sale.

  • Clear frameworks to follow for lite and full strategies to suit different budgets.

  • Strategy templates, brochure templates and more.

  • Example outputs for common brand types to help guide you on delivery.

  • All materials are provided in professionally designed Canva templates so you can edit and rebrand in your own visual style.

The Reels Strategy Toolkit

    1. Strategy process

    2. Lead qualification form

    3. Discovery call guidance

    4. Discovery call questions

    5. Strategy kick-off session

    6. Strategy delivery session

    7. Sales software

    8. Pricing strategy

    1. Lead magnet | downloadable

    2. Lead magnet | Free masterclass

    3. Brochure pages

    1. Lite strategies vs full strategies

    2. Lite strategy template

    3. Full strategy template

    1. Our example brands

    2. Example full strategy | DTC ecommerce business

    3. Example full strategy | not-for-profit brand

    4. Example lite strategy | B2C services business

    5. Example lite strategy | B2B services business

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About this toolkit

  • £299.00
  • 20 lessons

What do people say

“The Toolkit gives you everything you need to go out there, find clients and deliver really professional services to them. It can be daunting thinking that you are competing with bigger organisations with more resources but these toolkits take all of that doubt away - well thought through, well designed and all completely adaptable to your branding. What's not to love?!”


“This has taken all the headache out of transitioning away from platform management to offering one-off consultancy for me. How to guide clients to the right service, having a package for clients with smaller budgets and being given the process to follow and the templates to complete have made it really easy to build strategies into my portfolio.”


“I just delivered my first strategy using your template and I think it’s fair to say I knocked it out of the park! They particularly commented on the helpful and clear structure. I felt 1000% times more confident using your structure rather than coming up with my own.”


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