The Reels Consultancy Toolkit

    1. Next steps

    1. Sales processes

    2. Lead qualification form guidance and questions

    3. Discovery call guidance

    4. Discovery call questions

    5. Sales software

    6. Pricing strategies

    1. Audit lead magnet | a mini-audit

    2. Strategy lead magnet | 50 hooks for your Reels

    3. Starter pack lead magnet | 10 ideas for your Reels

    4. Re-brandable brochure pages

    1. Understanding the audit framework

    2. Re-brandable audit template

    3. Audit example | Product based business | Stella LDN

    4. Audit example | Service based business | Rosie Menopause Coaching

    1. Understanding the strategic framework

    2. Re-brandable strategy template

    3. Content ideation tool

    4. Strategy example | Service based business | Rosie Menopause Coaching

    5. Strategy example | Product based business | Stella LDN

    1. Understanding the starter pack offering

    2. Customer worksheet

    3. Ideas worksheet

    4. Hooks worksheet

    5. Adapting trends worksheet

    6. Planning worksheet

    7. Tracking worksheet

    8. Example starter pack outputs

About this toolkit

  • £399.00
  • 28 lessons

What's included in the Toolkit?

  • Suggested sales software, processes and pricing to simplify selling consultancy services

  • Marketing materials, including suggested copy and brochure pages for audits, strategies and starter packs

  • A "10 tips to improve your Reels" lead magnet and a "10 ideas for your Reels" lead magnet to capture client emails to nurture to sale

  • Clear frameworks to follow for audits, content strategies and starter packages

  • Audit templates, strategy templates, client worksheet templates and more.

  • Example outputs for common brand types to help guide you

  • All materials are provided in professionally designed Canva templates so you can edit and rebrand in your own visual style

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